Why We Think Dr. Frank Van Gyn is Fabulous

For a lot of people, going to the dentist is never easy. As children, we develop a stigma and keep that anxiety into adulthood. We at Academy Dental understand that the stress of going to the dentist can be quickly eased over time. We value the feedback of all our patients and encourage you to leave any comments with us so we can ensure the utmost care. We are proud for all the positive feedback we have received from our entire staff and dentists. If you are a new patient and are looking for testimonials about Dr. Frank Van Gyn, here’s some of our favourite.

“I just underwent a session in which I received a filling and crown with Dr. Frank Van Gyn. It was an hour and a half long procedure about which I was very nervous. Prior to my procedure, sedation was administered as part of Academy’s optional service, leaving me feeling as if I didn’t really care about the procedure that would follow. At the reception area, Michelle, with her oh-so-good nature, also contributed greatly to settling my nerves. The whole dental procedure went very smoothly. Unlike all previous crowns I’d had elsewhere, there was no need for me to have several visits to complete the procedure. It was all done in house, in one visit! The following day, Dr. Van Gyn called me at home to make sure I was doing OK. Excellent personal care! At Academy, I don’t feel like a head of cattle being processed, but rather a valued patient about whom ALL staff care. I highly recommend these folks.” — Ken J

While Dr. Van Gyn wants to ensure that his patients are fully cared for, it’s the effort of our entire team that creates a warm atmosphere.

“I want to thank everyone for a great experience this week. I generally have anxiety and become very stressed out when I am at the dentist but Natalya was absolutely amazing!!! And Dr. Van Gyn was quick and gentle during my procedure. Thank you so much!” — Deanna M

Together with the staff at Academy Dental, our dentists creates a warm and professional atmosphere. We encourage all new and current patients to leave a testimonial for Dr. Frank Van Gyn, our staff, or any other aspect Academy Dental.


“Great professionalism all around! The knowledge, technology and fantastic customer service is hard to find anywhere, and this office has it all. Dental work is superior in quality accompanied with the friendliest accommodating staff ever. Forever grateful I walked through the doors at Academy Dental and received their service. Wonderful goody bags too! :)” — Christina N


Thank you to all who have contributed to improving Academy Dental with their valued feedback and testimonials. To read more testimonials or leave one of your own, visit us today. We ensure the utmost quality care.