How to care for your teeth while wearing Invisalign

How to care for your teeth while wearing Invisalign

How to care for your teeth while wearing Invisalign

Invisalign and teeth care
One of the great advantages to using Invisalign in order achieve a straighter smile is it that it makes caring for your teeth is so easy!  That’s because Invisalign is a series of clear, removable, plastic aligners that are custom-made for your teeth.

When people use traditional braces, it can be hard to maintain great oral health care practices because the  bulky metal and wires can make it difficult to get to every area of your teeth and gums.  Academy Dental in Victoria offers Invisalign therapy and can show you how easy it is to care for your teeth when using Invisalign.

Here’s what you do:

Take your trays out

One of the biggest differences between Invisalign and traditional braces is that Invisalign trays are removable! That gives you so much freedom to continue living life as normal. You won’t have to alter your habits, especially when it comes to cleaning your teeth.  Simply remove the trays when you want to clean your teeth and you’ll have access to them just as normal.

Brush your teeth

Academy Dental recommend you continue brushing your teeth at least twice a day while undergoing Invisalign treatments. Use a soft toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste and brush gently on all the surfaces of your teeth. Ideally, it would be great if you could brush after every meal you eat, but this isn’t always possible during the course of the day. A good tip to remove sugars and starches from your teeth after eating when you can’t brush is to swish some water around in your mouth. This will get rid of any food particles clinging to your teeth!


Don’t forget to floss! Flossing is still very important when wearing Invisalign trays but you can floss normally without having to navigate the floss around the metal and wires of traditional braces. All you have to do is take out your Invisalign trays and floss between your teeth to remove all the bits of food that get stuck there throughout the day. Make sure you are flossing at least once a day!

Clean your trays

It’s important to clean your Invisalign trays to keep away any bacteria that may accumulate over time. All you have to do is place them in a bowl of water with Invisalign cleaning crystals and they will be cleaned after 15 minutes.  The friendly staff at Academy Dental, in Victoria, will show you how to care for your Invisalign trays and answer any questions you may have.

At Academy Dental, we believe Invisalign is the best way to straighten your teeth without having to live with the “metal mouth” look of traditional braces.  If you are interested in Invisalign therapy we would be happy to schedule a consultation with you at our Dental Centre in Victoria. Contact us online or call our dental office at (250) 385-6552.

Tips to Prevent Tooth Discoloration After Teeth Whitening

Tips to Prevent Tooth Discoloration After Teeth Whitening

Tips to Prevent Tooth Discoloration After Teeth Whitening

So you’ve just invested in your smile by getting a teeth whitening! We love teeth whitening treatments because our patients always leave with smiles that are bigger and brighter than ever. A tooth whitening at your Victoria dental practice, Academy Dental , is a great way to boost your confidence and enhance the natural beauty of your smile. The last thing you want after your teeth whitening is to accidentally cause discoloration to your teeth again! It’s important to know how to prevent tooth discoloration after teeth whitening, so your teeth stay looking pearly white for a long time.

Avoid Stain-Causing Foods And Beverages

Coffee, tea, wine, sports drinks, hard candy, berries, and tomato sauce are all foods that can cause tooth coloration. All foods should be enjoyed in moderation, but pay close attention to these particular foods and beverages to maintain your new white smile.

Use A Straw

If you can’t stay away from your coffee and tea, make sure to use a straw when you’re drinking beverages. Using a straw will keep stain-causing dyes away from your teeth.

Quit Smoking

It’s well known that smoking tobacco can cause teeth to become yellow-stained and discoloured. Serious stains from tobacco can be difficult to reverse. Eliminating tobacco from your lifestyle can help keep your teeth healthy and bright!

Want to know more about the entire teeth whitening process? Your Victoria dental practice, Academy Dental, are happy to share their expertise with you. Give us a call today at (250) 385-6552 or stop by our Fort St Location,

How Regular Dental Visits Can Change Your Life

How Regular Dental Visits Can Change Your Life

How Regular Dental Visits Can Change Your Life

vancouver dentist checkup cleaningYou can save money by attending regular dental visits at Academy Dental in Victoria to treat small oral health issues before they become bigger, more expensive ones. Regular cleaning and checkup appointments are typically covered by dental insurance copay. Getting regular dental checkups and cleanings can keep your mouth at its healthiest state.

With a healthy mouth, you can enjoy your favorite foods and drinks without pain when biting or chewing. Also, enjoying the occasional starchy or sugary snack is less likely to affect the state of your teeth and gums when you’re getting regular, professional oral health services such as dental checkups from your dentist, and dental cleanings from the hygienists at Academy Dental.

You can learn the best brushing and flossing techniques to prevent tooth loss, decay and gum disease. Technique, not merely the acts of brushing and flossing alone, counts for a lot in the proper maintenance of teeth and gums. A poor technique can mean an ineffective reduction of plaque, making it more difficult to avoid serious gum disease. Excess plaque is likely to lead to red, swollen, bleeding gums (gingivitis) which sets the stage for periodontal problems. At Academy Dental, during your regular dental visits, we help coach you in proper flossing and brushing techniques for the sake of your good oral health.

You can reduce serious health risks such as oral cancer, heart attack and stroke. Studies are increasingly showing the links between cardiovascular disease and poor oral hygiene. Regular dental visits can help you stay on top of any potential risks. Our dentists checks carefully for any decay warning signs during your checkups to help you avoid serious gum disease. At Academy Dental, we do screenings for oral cancer, which if left untreated, is one of the most fatal cancers. By making sure to attend your appointments with Our dentists regularly, you can do the right thing for your health. 

You can be a great role model for your children or your partner. By consistently getting regular dental check ups[link] and cleanings, you’re setting a good example for your children and/or partner. Being a good role model isn’t about putting off regular dental visits, but actually going to cleanings and check up appointments. Being a doer not just a talker may help other members of your family take your lead. At Academy Dental in Victoria, we encourage good oral heath for all patients and their families.

Why You Can’t Put Off Dental Check-Ups

Why You Can’t Put Off Dental Check-Ups

Why You Can’t Put Off Dental Check-Ups

Dental Check Ups

When was the last time you visited your dentist for a check-up? Many people  don’t realize just how important a dental checkup can be for your overall health! We recommend come in for a checkup and see a dental professional at least two times a year for examinations and cleanings. At Academy Dental, your Victoria dentist, we analyze your teeth and gums for signs of dental cavities, gingivitis, and all other health problems.

Even if you think your mouth is healthy because you brush and floss everyday, you are not able to reach and examine all the parts of your own mouth. Our dental experts can analyze your mouth in deep detail and keep in mind the condition of your teeth and gums!

Here’s some more reasons why your dental checkups are important: 

  • Dental checkups allow your dentist to look for problems that you might not see or feel
  • Dealing with other oral health problems (normally, the earlier a problem is found, the more workable it is). 
  • They help us to find early indications of decay. You won’t notice decay right away because it doesn’t become visible or trigger pain until it reaches advanced phases! 
  • They allow us to talk about any changes to your medical history that may have occurred since your last checkup. 
  • We can inspect the skin and soft tissue inside the mouth for any abnormalities. X-rays will be taken of any teeth that reveal indications of decay or wear.
  • Previous dental treatments will also be checked and evaluated such as extractions, fillings, crowns and implants, just making sure everything is healthy and as it needs to be! 


It’s important to remember that clients of all ages including babies, children, adults, and seniors require a dental checkup, which is why we’re happy to provide family dentistry for all members of your household! A dental check up allows us to spot problems within the early stages and enables us to treat them right away which prevents the issue from developing into a more severe problem. That’s why maintaining appointments with us is so necessary.

Simply contact Academy Dental today, in Victoria, and we’ll be happy to schedule your next appointment!
Call us at (250) 385-6552.

February is Dentistry has a Heart Month

February is Dentistry has a Heart Month

February is Dentistry has a Heart Month

Heart disease is one of the most prevalent disorders affecting adults in North America.  With over 1.5 million heart attacks and 600,00 strokes occurring every year, it is important that we all do what we can to keep our hearts healthy.

It’s not widely known how important good oral health is in preventing cardiovascular disease.  To raise awareness, February has been named Dentistry Has a Heart Month – we thought we’d join in the cause – Dentistry has a Heart Month represents a great opportunity for us to help our patients understand the critical role your dental team has to play in your heart health.

Researchers have suggested two possible explanations for the relationship between bad oral health and heart attacks or strokes.

The first is that the bacteria that collect in your gums when you have gingivitis or periodontitis enter your blood stream as your gums bleed, sticking to and inflaming the pre-existing fatty deposits in your coronary arteries (a condition called atherosclerosis).  This can cause blood clots that lead to a heart attack or stroke.

The alternate explanation is that when oral bacteria are released into the blood stream they cause the body to develop antibodies that attach to receptors on the cells lining the blood vessels of the heart.  This can cause an inflammatory reaction that thickens the fatty deposits lining the coronary artery walls, reducing blood flow to dangerous levels.

Good oral care and preventive dentistry are thus critically important in the fight against heart disease.  We recommend that you brush well twice every day (and floss once), and schedule appointments with your dental professionals at least twice a year.

Further, if you are experiencing any of the following signs of gum disease it’s very important to contact us to reserve an oral care appointment right away.

  • Gums that bleed
  • Sore or inflamed gums
  • A receding gum line
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Pus or infection in the gums
  • Sores in your mouth
  • Increased spaces developing between your teeth

Dentistry Has a Heart Month is a perfect time of year to remind ourselves that making a personal commitment to oral health will improve our overall health and lower the risk of heart disease.


How To Take Care of Your Mouthguard

How To Take Care of Your Mouthguard

How To Take Care of Your Mouthguard

Wearing a mouthguard while you’re playing sports is important to protect your teeth and avoid dental injuries. When you have invested in a sports mouth guard from your Victoria dentist, Academy Dental, we’ll take you through the process of how to properly take care of your gear to ensure it stays protective and effective for a long time. To make sure your mouthguard is providing the protection you need, here are some tips to follow for mouthguard maintenance!

  1. Get the Right Guard

First things first – make sure you get the right mouthguard for your needs. You can find specialized mouthguards that are designed for different levels of protection depending on the sport or activity you’ll be wearing it for. They are also designed based on which areas of the mouth need the most protection, whether it’s the front of the teeth or under the molars. Come for a consultation at your Victoria dentist, Academy Dental, to get fitted for a mouthguard that’s right for you!

  1. Don’t Chew!

Many athletes believe that chewing gum during athletics increases brain activity, as the act of chewing improves various bodily functions. However, chewing on your mouthguard can cause damage to your mouthguard, and decrease its protective qualities. Not only can chewing cause your mouthguard to be less effective, but it can also make your mouthguard less comfortable, because chewing creates rips and tears. These tears allow bacteria to get trapped in the mouthguard, which you don’t want!

  1. Keep It Cool and Dry

No matter what type of mouthguard you have, it should be stored in a cool, dry place. It’s best to avoid heat and moisture, which can cause damage to your mouthguard and deform the protective material. Finally, be sure to keep your guard in a clean protective case when you’re not using it.

For more information about how to take proper care of your mouthguard, come visit us at one of Academy Dental‘s convenient locations in Victoria.