Tips to Prevent Tooth Discoloration After Teeth Whitening

Tips to Prevent Tooth Discoloration After Teeth Whitening

Tips to Prevent Tooth Discoloration After Teeth Whitening

So you’ve just invested in your smile by getting a teeth whitening! We love teeth whitening treatments because our patients always leave with smiles that are bigger and brighter than ever. A tooth whitening at your Victoria dental practice, Academy Dental , is a great way to boost your confidence and enhance the natural beauty of your smile. The last thing you want after your teeth whitening is to accidentally cause discoloration to your teeth again! It’s important to know how to prevent tooth discoloration after teeth whitening, so your teeth stay looking pearly white for a long time.

Avoid Stain-Causing Foods And Beverages

Coffee, tea, wine, sports drinks, hard candy, berries, and tomato sauce are all foods that can cause tooth coloration. All foods should be enjoyed in moderation, but pay close attention to these particular foods and beverages to maintain your new white smile.

Use A Straw

If you can’t stay away from your coffee and tea, make sure to use a straw when you’re drinking beverages. Using a straw will keep stain-causing dyes away from your teeth.

Quit Smoking

It’s well known that smoking tobacco can cause teeth to become yellow-stained and discoloured. Serious stains from tobacco can be difficult to reverse. Eliminating tobacco from your lifestyle can help keep your teeth healthy and bright!

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5 Reasons Why You Need Teeth Whitening

5 Reasons Why You Need Teeth Whitening

5 Reasons Why You Need Teeth Whitening

1) A white smile is your secret weapon

At Academy Dental , white teeth are as good as gold when it comes to making a favourable first impression. In fact, the Brits just voted a person’s smile as their most import physical feature. Whether you have a big job interview or first date, it pays to have a bright smile!

2) It’s an instant confidence boost

If the first point wasn’t enough to convince you, then this one should. Who cares what anyone else thinks? Its how you feel that matters, and when you look good, you feel great! Teeth whitening can give you the instant confidence boost you need to conquer your day.

3) Home remedies just don’t compare

A Google search will turn up hundreds of ways you can whiten your own teeth at home, from brushing with baking soda to rubbing with charcoal or strawberries. The truth is that most of these options don’t really work, and if they do it will take an extraordinarily large amount of time and effort to achieve very average results.

4) It’s quick

In-chair whitening can whiten teeth by up to 12 shades in just one appointment. That’s less time than brunch!

5) It is 100% safe and painless

Academy Dental relies on the latest technological developments in Teeth whitening, which means that the risk of you developing long-term sensitivity are relatively low. In fact, over the counter teeth whitening strip systems pose more of a risk to your enamel due to the odds of incorrect use!

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Get Back Those Bright Pearly Whites

Get Back Those Bright Pearly Whites

Get Back Those Bright Pearly Whites

Pearly Whites

With the lure of coffee shops, bars and a slew of eateries everywhere we turn; it becomes easy for those pearly whites to become less, well… bright

Sometimes a general clean isn’t enough, and even in that case, Academy Dental are here to provide you with your go-to teeth whitening service.

Our Victoria-based dental practice provide a professional, timely and affordable service that will leave you beaming – and with a great smile, too!

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